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Chess is a strategic board game played by millions worldwide. It requires critical thinking, foresight, and skillful maneuvering of pieces to capture the opponent's king. Chess is a timeless game of intellect and strategy.



Drawing is a visual art form where artists create images on paper or other surfaces using various mediums like pencils, charcoal, or ink. It allows for self-expression, creativity, and communication through the power of lines, shapes, and textures.



Oratory is the skill of delivering effective and persuasive speeches to convey ideas, influence opinions, and inspire others. An ability to connect with an audience, making it a powerful tool for communication and leadership. 


Junior Batch

Drawing and chess are two distinct but equally engaging forms of expression and strategy. While drawing involves visual creativity, chess demands mental acuity. Both require practice, patience, and skill to master, making them unique and captivating endeavors.


Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a set of educational techniques that promote physical movements to enhance cognitive function, focus, and learning. It aims to improve concentration and academic performance through simple exercises that engage the mind and body. 

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